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Thread: whats the best antenna for behind the glass?

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    whats the best antenna for behind the glass?

    I know the external antenns get better reception
    but whats the best antenna for behind the glass?
    I don't want to mount it externally because:
    1) don't wanna someone to rip it off (I live in NYC)
    2) drill through the top of the car


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    i use the cheapest gps anteanna i could find and stuck it under the dash ... works just fine, will especially work through glass. they are all really the same. whenever i look it has atleast 5 satellites locked. one i have is called gps mouse , its about 50-70 bucks on ebay.

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    I used a Rikaline 6010 underneath the glass and it worked out very well...
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    .... . .-. .
    To have the "best" today, buy anything that adverizes "SirfStarIII chip included".

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    thanks guys

    any of you live in a dense urban area too?
    I've talked to a few other drivers and they say they have problems with signals bouncing around?? in the city

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    I have SirfStarIII like Marvin described in my reciever and I've never had problems with signals in the city, or even in the plane at 3,000 feet in a snowstorm (scary! But thanks to the GPS ) I have a BU-353 that is usb. works great. Good luck to you

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    Hello Black car. Good to see another New Yorker.
    I have my BU303 on the dash because of the same reason you're concerned with. It usually gets 3-4 SAT and maximum SAT I've ever got was 5 in the city with BU303 on the roof.
    Based on my experience is BU303 just doesn't cut it. SirfStarIII is said to be better.
    Hope this helps.

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    I've had no problems with my GPSslim236 (sirfStarIII) on the dash. I can actually put it just about anywhere in the car (on the seat, middle armrest ,etc.. and can still get a decent lock).

    Do you already have a GPS unit now and just looking for an antenna? Or are you looking at which GPS unit to get?

    If you don't have a usb GPS unit yet then get a simple gps unit w/ the sirstarIII chip and just hide it somewhere on the dash. If you just add a separate antenna and keep it inside the car you'll lose some signal because of coax losses (especially at those high frequencies).
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    my bu-353 is mounted on the lower corner of my trucks rear window. Works wonderfully no matter how heavy the snow/rain/fog is.

    MS Streets and Trips '06 doesn't tell you how many satellites you're connected to (at least not that i know of), so I can't give that bit of info. But, a program I previously tried (which no longer works) said I locked 9 out of 12 satellites, while the truck was parked in my garage.
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    S&T 06 doesn't give # of sats, blast them.

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