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Thread: Router in a Car with GPS

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    As far as I know, netstumbler cannot find access points that do not broadcast their SSID. So just set your access point to not broadcast the SSID and netstumbler will never know it is there. There are other programs out there that can find hidden ssid's, but netstumbler won't.

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    And what, exactly, is the AP in your car for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    And what, exactly, is the AP in your car for?
    Mainly for fun, and bragging rights, but, I'm also running CAT5's inside the car for a small LAN, and that gives anyone else who's randomly walking by (or sitting in a coffee shop) the ablility to play games and stuff like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by wittless
    So just set your access point to not broadcast the SSID
    That's a really good idea, but the only problem is that no one would know it is there, and I kinda want people to know : P

    Enforcer, your list is so true it's extremly scary.

    And, for some reason, I thought Netsumbler would output the locations of the AP's directly to a program with GPS, and you could see a live map of them, which is why I asked. But I'm pretty sure now, that you can only ouput an image and view it later. Though the first would be pretty cool to have...

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    You're not the first person to want to map out hotspots as they're detected. It's possible to do.
    Basically, you'd have to have code that would take the location where the network is detected, the network SSID and the latitude/longitude (taken from the GPS. You're pulling data from multiple devices: The wireless NIC, which is always in 'search' mode and the GPS.
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    Well, if you use netstumbler, you can get a script that uses mappoint to display aps on a map. You can edit the script to not pass on the name of the ap in your car, and it won't show on the map.

    The normal display for netstumbler is just a list, and your ap will still show in there.


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