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Thread: Help on GPS SOFT

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    Quote Originally Posted by dafook
    wizardpc, glad your in debt because your an ***.. don't post unless your going to help. I did do searches.. but why waste countless hours when i could post and get an answer in a few. But I did do searches and yet the answer to my question wasn't found.. wonder why so many search results, guess everyones a noob. anyways... to sum up the search results... seems that you have to use a serial to usb.. but i already ahve usb why would i downgrade? Also they mentioned if it produces "NEMA" then it should work with most software. Now i just have to figure out if my usb delorme gps unit is NEMA certified or wahtever..

    Thanks for your attempted help Gizmo.
    Hey Noob, know your place. How dare you make a comment like that about someone. An ***?? You are the *** for coming into the library, and standing on the table asking WHERE IS THERE A BOOK ABOUT DOGS?
    Go to the ******* card catalog and look it up your damn self. Who the **** do you think we are, your personal information center or librarien.

    The answer is here, on this forum, in the threads that were posted. You don't have the time to read them, too ******* bad. The reason there are 100 **** results is because of asses like you that post the same crap over and over and over again. If instead of posting this simple question, just like all the other noobs who think that they deserve a personel advisor, you would have searched and found the answer, only 99 other useless threads would have turned up. Get the point. Of, and those other 99 threads probably all said "Search" you think that might have given you a clue that the answer is in the forum somewhere. Instead, you think that we all owe you an answer for something, unlike all the other noobs who just got a "search" instead of the answer.

    Learn how to search. No one here works for you, or is your personel assistant. We hate being asked the same question over and over and over again, and then, when like in the library we tell you to look in the card catalog, look in the damn card catalog, which if you are too dense to understand, is the search function. It never ceases to amaze me at how selfish people are, thinking that they are inventing the wheel. Trust me, at this stage in the game, nothing you can think off has not been tried, and either failed or succeeded, before. That is just a fact.

    ...I love the French language...especially to curse with...Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculés de ta mère. You see, it's like wiping your *** with silk, I love it.

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    Only 9 minutes had elapsed between the time when you, the "long time reader," posted your initial question and found the answer yourself. Sounds like you really wasted countless hours there, buddy.
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