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Thread: 2003 Infiniti G35 6mt run a dvd(movie) to oem nav display screen

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    Question 2003 Infiniti G35 6mt run a dvd(movie) to oem nav display screen

    whats up
    i just purchased an infiniti g35 2003 coupe 6mt with the nav package and the premium bose system. I want to use the oem nnav screen to its fullest potential by running a dvd through the external dvd unit in the upper glove box. I heard that somehow you can run a cable from whatever powers the screen so you can have avideo running to the nav screen and through the bose sound system. i am real new to all of this stuff and i would really appreciate the help . by the way the site is great and ofcourse very informative thanks for all the help!

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    I also have an Audiobahn aw121t subwoofer and an audiobahn amp (a8002t) i would love to put in the trunk of her. i beleive the main power source is right in the back right of the trunk if your lookiing in but im not positive. the dealer said i can hook the two apps up the system but he didnt think that i would be able to push the fool power out of the woofer but i couldnt see his reasoning. if you have any input on this topic as well it would be greatly appreciated!

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    The guy in this link did a lot of experiments with his 350Z OEM Nav LCD. Perhaps the info on his pages could lead you somewhere?
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    goto and look under the audio/video/sat nav section. This question is asked there at least once a day. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    thanks a lot i appreciate it

    ill let you know how it goes

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