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Thread: how to get destinator3 uk maps working with centrafuse?

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    Thumbs up how to get destinator3 uk maps working with centrafuse?

    I have destinator3 , I have it working with centrafuse 1.5 beta, only thing is, i only have a map of london coming up? I have the uk maps on the destinator disks, but how do I load them up?

    I tried extracting the maps from the uk zip file on the 2nd cd into the C:\DestinatorApps\Destinator dir,, i created a new dir called "uk" and put the maps in there, as there are a couple of folders with maps in them called berlin, London, and Paris.

    The forums seem a bit vague on the process of using destinator, I have installed, destinator, and centrafuse, but i am a newby, I like a bit of tinkering, and know a fair bit about pcs, etc, I dont want to come across as wanting to be spoon fed, but I have been searching for days on the forums with a lot of vague answers, and cannot find any real answers?

    A lot of threads talk about the SDK for destinator and a dll file? where does it go? and where do you get it? do I need it?

    can anyone tell me how it actually works and how to get it working?

    Many thanks


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    Buy the maps!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    As I said I have destinator disk 1 and 2, disk 2 has the uk and irelend maps on it... I just dont know how to integrate them onto the program?

    I dont mind paying the way,,, I just dont know how to!!

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    copy the maps into c:/destinatorapps theres a FAQ on the centrafuse thread telling you how to do it, all i did was search for it and 2 sec later i knew how to do it. hope that helps.*edit* if u have put them in there in a folder open the notebook and change it to say U K then save it should work

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    Ive not tried Destinator with centrafuse but ive used it with MapMonkey and FreeDrive.

    What happens when you change the map from inside the application? does it not find any other maps or does it give you an error message?

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