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Thread: GPS Shift Light Buzzer

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    ok,i found a shift light at ebay for $12.99 ,but how do i add a three "beep" sound each time the light is ON??,i can simply add a buzzer to the light and get an ugly buzzzzzzzzz sound each time the light is ON ...but a three short beep sound will mauch better,if someone can build a non expensive small circuit for that please send me PM . tnx

    My Citroen ZX 16V carpc

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    Unless you're racing, why do you need something to tell you when to shift anyway?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    im not racing but like very much sportive driving...

    any looking for some one to build/draw a 12v circuit/diagram for three short beeps buzzer .tnx

    My Citroen ZX 16V carpc

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