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Thread: good GPS mouse for permanent mounting

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    good GPS mouse for permanent mounting

    I have a rikaline that works good but I use it in a number of different cars. I want to get another GPS reciever and hide it underthe dash or something just to keeep it out of sight. I also considered a GPS from a boat but having that bubble on my car would look like helll. Which GPS reciever would work good if it were inside the car and maybe under some carpet or vinyl dash padding? Is there anything that's waterproof that copuld mount on the outside of the car that don't look like a lump or shark fin? Something that has a good warm start would be nice. The rikaline starts right up on the outside of the car but it takes a minute or 2 to start up if it's inside onthe dashboard.



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    I have 2 receivers. Delorme Earthmate USB (NOT LT one), stuck deep inside the dash (very much close to the firewall) in my Matrix and the reception is darn good. During the day, nice and clear outside, with the car inside my garage (there is a roof, and whiteboard/paint on top), it can get 5/6 sat strong. Out side the garage, it can get about 9/10 sat. If it put on top of the dash, it can get all 12 sats.
    The only problem is early in the morning (5AM), it can't get any signal inside the garage (well after 5 min) and barely get a lock when I pull off the garage.

    The other receiver is a new kid on the block Ayay Sir and can perform as good as the delorme unit. Look at Fusion One post regarding to that unit.
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    how about this one, ebay item- 5859180269

    I tried to hyperlink it but it's messed up

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    I was thinking about the AyAy Sir, but isn't SIRF 3 supposed to be a lot better than any SIRF 2?

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    I use a MR350 USB RS-232 inside my dash, it's made for exterior mounting but I still get 9/12 sat's most of the time
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