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Thread: Experience with the MP3car GPS antenna

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    Experience with the MP3car GPS antenna

    Has anyone used this antenna?

    Just wondering how easy the install is and what the accuracy/quality of reception is like.


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    Nevermind, I just noticed there is no USB connection on this one

    Any other similar products you can recommend?

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    I think you figured out that that Hirschmann model is just an antenna.
    Are you looking for a GPS receiver? Try the BU-353.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    delorme earthmate lt-20 reciever is pretty good. I use it with my set-up. Its usb. But to use it for iguidance you need the delorme usb to serial driver.

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    I have a Microsoft receiver (a re-branded pharos) but it doesn't get a strong enough of a signal under my dash. I suppose I can just get by with mounting it on top of the dash, but then there is the unsightly USB cable.

    There is a perfect spot to mount my antenna - the rear wing on my wagon, however I can't get the USB connector through the rubber hose where the antenna and 3rd brake light connector is...

    Hmmm.. back to the drawing board.

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    I have this antenna installed on my truck and it works great for gps and wireless.

    I used an Axiom GPS module inside my case with this antenna.

    No cell phone so haven't tested that part yet.

    Install does mean drilling a 3/4" hole in the roof, but this is a standard roof mount antenna size - so just about any decent install shop has a shallow antenna holesaw just for this purpose.

    Once the hole is drilled, drop the wires through and bolt up from underneath.

    Then you just get pigtails from FME-male to whatever your equipment has.

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    Mr_Wizard - how is the reception strength with this antenna?

    do we know anything about the GPS antenna that's in it?

    also, how would I go about utilizing the Callular portion of that?
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