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Thread: Quality of POI data

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    Quality of POI data

    Does anybody know the number of POIs or the quality level of the various navigation interfaces?

    iGuidance, Destinator, etc?

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    I can't speak for other software but iGuidance's POI database sucks. Did you know that between version 2.0 and 2.1.3, they've managed to add 21,000 POIs. How big is that? That's like ONE POI for each city in the US the last 2, 3 years.

    Notice how they don't advertise their total number of POIs while software like Street Atlas and Streets and Trips are boasting millions?

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    It would be so nice if we could add to iGuidances POI database.

    I've tried Destinator too, it wasnt much better than IG, Mappoint is ok, and so is Streets and Trips. If I need a POI though, I either find an open access point, or now just use my EVDO phone which I just got, and open up google earth, and search that way. Kinda ghetto, but it works farily well. If I could add an option to google earth for importing the address of the POI to IG, that would be heaven.

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