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Thread: Call all 4hz GPS Users

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    Calling all 4hz GPS Users

    Hi! This is my first post and I searched for 4hz GPS posts, but the OPs in the older posts never finished posting their results.

    Have any of you with 4hz or greater refresh rate GPS receivers been able to take advantage of the higher 4hz refresh rate with any software packages? I'd like to know before I purchase either a U-Blox evaluation kit or a U-Blox based receiver from Conrad. (they dont ship to North America, so I would have to get it shipped to germany and then to be for ALOT of $$)

    It would be nice to know if I will be able to take advantage of the 4 times a second refresh rate, thanks!

    (edit, meant to put *Calling* all 4hz GPS users)

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    I have not found a GPS software package yet that will take anything higher than 1hz, I even emailed most of the software companies and anything higher than 1hz isnt even planned. I wanted to get the 4hz as well and that same module with a firmware upgrade can be updated to 8hz.
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    Darn, I coulda sworn Map Monkey or some other package supported a 4hz rate...

    didn't someone try playing back the NMEA data to their software packages at 4hz?

    Also, J, what software packages did you try your 4hz unit out with?


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