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Thread: installing destinator 3 on pc

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    installing destinator 3 on pc

    hello, i recently came 'upon' a copy of destinator 3 cd 1 and cd 2 and was trying to install it but it seems that it only installs to a pocket pc. is there any way for me to be able to install it on my carputer or is it that i 'obtained' the wrong one? is there a pc version cause i was on the website and it says LINK
    thats its compatible with a pc. am i missing something?

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    Destinator 3 isnt for a pc, only for pda. However, if you Use a program called MapMonkey, or FreeDrive you should be able to use the maps that you have on those cd's and get a functional working installation which works well for the car. However, you will need to get a cracked dll to make it run. But some will help.
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    stick with freedrive to keep the dll issue simpler...

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    so freedrive would be easier then. I just googled and found the destdll.dll crack but you say that freedive will eliminate this, i guess lets give it a try, thanks

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