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Thread: GPS mouse reccomendations

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    GPS mouse reccomendations

    Hey guys, I'm just wondering what exactly I should be looking for in a good GPS reciever/mouse. I don't really need a weatherproof one since it will be inside my car's dashboard (thats where the stock navi is located). I'm not familiar with the different specs on GPS recievers, thats why I ask. I keep getting confused by all the different specs and data out there, so i'm just looking for a little help. Also if possible I'd like to not spend more than $100 if possible, the cheaper the better. I'm trying to keep my costs down but I don't want to skimp out to much on quality (I'm a broke college student, most of you have been there so you know what it's like...eating ramen for all three meals, but having to skip one or two meals because you're running out of ramen...and moeny)...ok so I'm not that bad off, but I'm trying to keep costs lower to save up money for books for my next semester of school and for spending while at school. Any help would be much appreciated.


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    I <3 my BU-353
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    BR-355. No drivers needed. No problems coming out of hibernation. Haven't heard of anything better.

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    I just got a BU-353. With it sitting on my window ledge I got 10/12 satellites locked. It locked FAST too. WAY better that the earthmate I was using before.
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    Did you by any chance see this thread? FAQ POLL: What is the best GPS Receiver?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I recommended this one
    AyAy Sir Ti-GPS?
    You can stick it deep inside the Matrix dash where the factory receiver is.
    And 50 bucks shipped on fleeeeeebay
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    I recommend the holux 213. I purchased about 6 BU-353 and 3 of them stop working in about a month. They both get the same signal quality but the holux is more reliable.
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    I would definately get one with the Traffic Message Controle (TMC) feature

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