first off, i just came across this site, and wish i had a very long time ago!

heres my issues...

I have a double din space available in my dash that I want to mount a cobra navone 4000 into. physically, it will fit, but because of the rounded corners, i will need to make a bezel for it. how do you guys typically go about making custom mounting brackets and bezels? i have a sheet of 1/8 lexan which i think I'll use, am I on the right track with this?

also, I'll need an external antenna as the cobra units have the double helix built into the top. the problem is that they want over $120 for an antenna. has anyone ever worked with these units and know the pinout for the antenna port? is it active/passive, etc...?

any any any help would be greatly appreciated. i currently have the unit on the suction cup to my windshield and i'm afraid when i park somewhere to run in a store real quick someone is going to smash the window and steal it. it stands out so much sitting up there!

thanks again!