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Thread: GPS antenna mounting question

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    GPS antenna mounting question

    I was wondering if anyone has some good sites to visit that show you how to mount a windshield GPS antenna and how to run the wire to hide it or show the best way to mount it?

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    Pics of your antenna, or a model number would make it easier for us to suggest a method of mounting it

    I just hid my Holux GR213 underneath the parcel shelf cover in mine

    Most will still work through glass & plastics as long as they aren't wired, or metal-film coated like some Renault windscreens are.

    Best place for me would be inside the front bumper, but I couln't be arsed running the wire

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    what i want to do is place the antenna on the inside of the car right in the center of the dash and up as far as it can go, then maybe run wire along the windshield then down and back to the unit, i just need to find the best way of doing it.

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