I have been using street atlas for a while now (started with 2k4, bought 2k5 last year) and although I'll probably soon be in the market for the "biggest and best" GPS software, as opposed to previously, when I just needed something cheap, street atlas 2006 seems like it's almost a viable option. I've never had issue with SA 2k5's routing or maps, it's just all the small tabs and buttons on the interface, and that certain things get covered up when it is crunched down to fit embedded in a frontend window. Using skinbedder it seems like I could explode the map section and have it look pretty nice, but that doesn't help much if I then can't reach any of the controls.

According to DeLorme's website, SA 2006 has added a new feature: "advanced" key bindings. If it has a high enough level of flexibility with key bindings, then it seems like it could be integrated quite well with skinbedder. But, "advanced key bindings" is a pretty subjective statement, so I wanted to hear from someone who actually has the program to find out how "advanced" the key binding features really are. I haven't tried using SA2k5 exclusively with hotkeys before, so I don't know if the existing, fixed hotkeys are flexible enough for full operation, but the more flexibility the better.

One issue that I can see that I don't expect DeLorme has changed is that all the interaction takes place in the tabbed window at the bottom, rather than with popup dialogs, etc. Meaning that unless there's some other way to configure SA that I don't know about, the tabbed window has to be displayed when you want to change anything. I have not personally used skinbedder before, so I don't know precisely what it's capable of, but if it has the ability to switch between showing just the map section, or showing the map plus the options panel, at the press of a button, then I think I'd be in business. Anyway, that's something I will worry about in the skinbedder forum :-P

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has it... in the mean time I'll see if I can "borrow it from a friend"