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Thread: Can any one give A help plz?

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    Can any one give A help plz?

    Hi ,
    I'm student and I need help to complete my project I have gps 18 usb and my project is to use it to read time and position and draw track any way I read in this forum that I can use GpsGate to use gps but can any one tell me which language can I use C or VC++ or VB. And about NEMA sentance can any one help me to Know anything about it and where can I find it and how to use it OR give me sample code .

    I need this information very much , please give a help.

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    You can easily read information from a com port in either VB or C++.

    For examples, google is your friend.
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    guino has written a component specifically for reading and parsing NMEA sentences. It might be of interest to you.

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    Hi everyone,
    Thanks alot PURDooM but this code I saw it last time (the first link)but this code in and c# not in vb.and I can't deal with because it is not like VB.
    all of the code that in VB is for serial connection not for usb can I use it with usb PURDooM?? after using gpsgate.

    And thanks alot b8bboi for this replay i think that it is good for me .and I want to ask you
    b8bboi and PURDooM if there is any problem can i ask you?????
    Sorry for this questions and for my bad English I'm not very good at English ? But really I need help from you?
    Thanks Again.

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