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Thread: Pioneer AVIC-N3 - Australian Maps

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    Pioneer AVIC-N3 - Australian Maps

    heey ive recently purchased a Pioneer AVIC-N3 GPS Car system, but i dont have Australian maps for it. Where would i be able to get australian maps for it? Would i have to purchase them from anywhere or could i use maps i use for destinator or proper pioneer maps.. would i have to get in touch with pioneer to get those maps too or does anyone have a copy of them?

    Cheers i really appreciate it

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    seems that you can buy map updates, so you should be able to get Oz maps. You may have to contact Pioneer to find out where to buy them from. I couldn't find anywhere on the net to get them.
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    Old post I know - but worth asking anyway I too have a pioneer avic-n3 - did you ever work out how to get aussy maps on there ?

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