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Thread: iG Question and GPS Support-App Request

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    Lol, i ran into this last night, first time ever using iguidance. we were on the way home from Atlanta, 2 in the morning, and starving. so i had my co pilot search for food places, and after being extremely confused, i resorted to the old measure of reading signs on the side of the highway... worked out flawlessly.
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    When I want to eat I just hit the 8-key on my keyboard. But the same could be achieved on a touchscreen in a typical CarPC setup with a simple script which would send key presses/mouse clicks to: Enter Destination > Points of interest > Restaurant > F (fast food) > By distance

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    Yeah, it works ok for "fast-food by distance", "GAS by distance", or "ATM by distance", but then after you choose that, you still have to scroll down forever to find what you are really looking for (Jack-In-The-Box, Chevron, or Wells Fargo).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4 View Post
    It's so incredibly lame that you can only find "all fast-food by distance" or "taco-bell's listed in a seemingly random order" instead of being able to find "taco-bell by distance".

    GPS Speedo does not support multiple settings chanable via hot-key. I guess I will have to write the app myself.
    "Taco Bell by distance" followed by a search for "toilet by distance" heheh

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