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Thread: Greetings from Belgium (can someone update me)

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    Arrow Greetings from Belgium (can someone update me)

    Hi I'm Bert Aerts from Belgium,

    first of all I want to excuse me for any spelling mistakes

    About a year ago I accidently clicked on a link in search for a pc problem, and found the media engine website. The night was young so all night I spend looking for more carputer stuff. I really fascinated me and a bought me part by part a carputer (in belgium it's not easy to find all stuff)

    this is what i got :

    a migrus p4 itx mainboard
    2.4 processor p4
    m2 power unit
    liliput tochscreen lcd
    40 gig laptop harddrive
    usb wifi stick

    about a month or 2 I have been installing my dashboardpc in my car,

    A VW GOLF 1

    it fitted perfectly in the glove compartment so I putted it there.

    The software, the only thing that I had was Media Engine so that's the only thing I installed on it, Because there was no gps app on this software i installed alturion GPS (belgian product) But using it while driving is impossible with the on screen keyboard of windows and super mini fields that have to be filled up to use the gps

    I also have somtimes a problem with the gps, my computers sometimes understands the gps coordinates as mouse coordinates, what can I do about that?

    I'm completely aiganst KEYBOARDS & MICE in a car

    Much respect,


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