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Thread: iG-v3 issues: Road edges / starts at 1000' / north indicator broken?

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    iG-v3 issues: Road edges / starts at 1000' / north indicator broken?

    I installed ig v3 and have a few problems that I can't find addressed anywhere in the forums:

    1. It always starts zoomed into the 1000' level no matter where it was when I last closed it down. V2 started off at the zoom level where you left it.

    2. At zoom levels of 1000' and closer, the streets are not drawn with two colors (edge and fill). They just appear as a thick globby line (see attached screenshot).

    3. The north indicator never changes no matter if I select north up or heading up. Although the actual map behaves properly according to the setting.

    I've tried iG both with and without a theme.ini file but there's no difference. Any ideas????
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    i had issues with the zoom level too. I installed ig on another computer then copied the .exe over and it fixed it. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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