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Thread: Connecting Bluetooth GPS Recievers

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    Connecting Bluetooth GPS Recievers

    I have a carpc fitted in my car & i want to use GPS through the Roadrunner frontend. I have bought both the bluetooth GPS reciever & bluetooth dongle.
    My question is how do i connect the reciever to show satalites.
    I have connected the reciever to my computer & paired it with the dongle useing a bluetooth serial port but i carnt get it to run with my GPS software. The reciever in question is the Navman 4400 GPS, it does come with its own software & maps but the software only works on PDA's.
    Is it possible for me to use the reciever but with other software such as freedrive? & if so how do i connect it.
    Many Thanks.

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    The GPS should be set to a virtual COM port.
    Set that COM port in your GPS software.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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