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Thread: Quick Question about GPS Programs

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    Quick Question about GPS Programs

    Ok, so im always on here reading up on as much as i can even if its nothing im looking to do. Just i see it as the more i know in general the better off i am. But anyways i am looking to get a gps softwear and wanted to know if you guys know if it can be loaded on two systems. The reasoning is i want to get it for my car pc and my dad wants to load it on his laptop as well for when he travels as he does a lot now. I dont know if it will pull the whole registered on another system type thing.

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    That would be dependent upon the EULA for the software package you're looking at.
    I can tell you that a lot of software is one license for one computer, so legally you can't install onto two PCs.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    ok, like the italic word says it can be done just not legally. Thanks hope to get going on this project.

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