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Thread: Question about nav software and traffic?

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    Question about nav software and traffic?

    I've been looking at these name brand navigation systems like pioneer and I see that they have some kind of xm navtraffic thing where they tell you there's traffic up ahead and route you to a faster/different route. I was wondering if there's any software or mod that extends this towards iguidance, mapmonkey, etc. It would be pretty cool to have since I always run into traffic on my daily commute.

    I have iguidance right now but, I'd really wish that they could have something like this for it to be a 'true' navigation program.

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    I was also wondering the same thing.

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    No, nothing yet. Everything is still pretty proprietary. Only a few aftermarket systems (like Pioneers) can use XM NavTraffic. Garmins have their own system, and TomTom uses bluetooth connections to your cellphone to check.

    But no, as of yet there's nothing out for PC navigation software.

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    Is there still nothing out for PC?

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    perhaps a live internet connection to google maps? i thought i noticed once that there was traffic showing on there....

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    CoPilot Live 10 does this.

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