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Thread: Streets & Trips 2007

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    Question for people with S&T2007:

    Has '07 been updated to say street names too? Such as "In zero point two miles, turn left onto Main Street" instead of just "In zero point two miles, turn left".

    This has always bugged me because it knows the street name, it can read everything else, and it is reading not just playing back audio because you need the speech pack to make it sound good, so why not street names!!

    I don't care if it mispronounces some of the more "foreign" worded streets but as long as I get something close.

    Or if anybody knows of some plugin that allows this, I would be happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02 View Post
    it looks pretty much like last years.

    no. no it doesnt

    Besides the color change it now has a fullscreen mode which is didnt really have in 2006. ON top of that the fullscreen mode has a top bar with large buttons which would work well with a touchscreen.

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