This is a interesting little blurb, mentions navtech software i.e. IG# and it even says there is street deck software in there on this device.

Got a question about the XM and Sirius traffic mentioned, is this simply a verbal “traffic report” or is it actually data that they may be overlaying the maps giving real time traffic density routing maybe?

Could this mean that us IG fans could possibly see a rendition in the future that would provide this feature?

NAVTEQ mapping software, and support for Bluetooth handsfree operations. The trilingual GUI also touts automatic rerouting, and if you're not already tuned into XM Radio, you can access Sirius' real-time traffic data to avoid those crowded freeways on your commute back home”

“Vizualogic says the VMOD runs Windows but the OS will be invisible to the user. An easy-to-use interface will be operated by a remote control with a track pad similar to that found on a laptop computer. To access video mode, users just write a “V” on the trackpad, said the company. The VMOD was developed in conjunction with Intel and StreetDeck software.”