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Thread: IG3 working with FREEDOM SKIN - Will not Embedd Right...

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    Question IG3 working with FREEDOM SKIN - Will not Embedd Right...

    How do I get I-Guidance to embed inside of the freedom skin, Or any skin???

    I have looked for a thread that states what to do clearly and could not find one. Can someone flame me up and let me know how to do it? Or send me the url on the thread that it is in already.

    I used to have IG3 on another carpc and I used the spaced out skin. It would automatically embedd (or fit in the skin wher eit was suppsed to go)

    When I got another system and tried to make it happen, It just opens up the Iguidance Program OUTSIDE of the skin, and wont fall "behind the Skin" and stay there. Its like it is launching as a separate program instead on inside the skin.

    I got skinbedder and IGMON and cant seem to make them work for me. Maybe I dont know how or what not, but Im looking for help if someone can help me........ Im almost there on making this ish work. Its real hard doing this cuz there is no "Support" Just help from the cats on here. The cats that do this ish are DOPE! Mad skills and hats off to you guys who make all this happen! Im still learning. I know computers but this is over my head on the programming side.....

    Here is what it looks like when I launch it: (Spaced Out Screen and Freedom 1 Skin (freedom2 is too slow for my computer)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide...

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    Here ar e the screenshots:

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    Sorry bout that!!
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