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Thread: HELP!! nROute registyr error with legit mapsource software

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    HELP!! nROute registry error with legit mapsource software

    I have downloaded the latest nRoute update and it installed with no problems but when I run the program I get this error message:

    "There is a problem with the nRoute registry. Please re-install the nRoute and start it again."

    I have tried several times to re-install the program without success. Has anyone experienced this problem and how do I get nRoute to run?
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    No answers for you but i have recently had the same problem. It was working fine then after a reformat i reloaded from the same zipped version as before, now i have nothing too! I will Call Garmin tomorrow (have nothing better to do) and if i get an answer I'll post it here.

    Please if you get an answer first post it here!

    Progress: Installed and working. Needs some cleanup and trim work done. now for complete integration.
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    Have you try for a solution

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