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Thread: Connect PDA w/GPS to Car Radio with built in 7" LCD

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    Connect PDA w/GPS to Car Radio with built in 7" LCD

    I currently have a PDA GPS unit. Windows mobile 5.

    I also have a Dual XDVD8181 Radio with built in 7"LCD Screen. I would like to find a way to connect the GPS/PDA unit to the "radio" so that I can view the directions and map on the LCD screen. I do not need to be able to use the LCD screen to input any Data, I just would like to be able to VIEW the Maps and Directions on the Larger LCD Screen.

    If any one has any ideas , that would be great.

    The unit has these inputs and output connections:

    2 - Video outputs RCA's
    3- Video inputs RCA's
    1 - iPLUG interface cable
    2 Composite video outputs

    Here is a link to the Manufactures website:

    Any help with this project would be greatly apprieciated!

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    the problem is on your pda not on the head unit
    what's your pda?

    I don't really think this is possible thought

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    Does the PDA have any way of outputting video to a composite signal?

    I didn't think so.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Many PDAs these days have VGA output, so you may want to get VGA-Composite first to use it with this device.
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    zune to dual xdvd8181

    skanknpunx, i just purchased this head unit. It was a spur of the moment purchase,i wished i had done some research on it first,but I was wondering how your is holding out? Any problems? How does it handle video playback from a connected Ipod or Zune?

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    You should get VGA-Composite first to use it with this device.

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    Hi, i'm new to this forum, however, do you have a car pc installed? or just wanting to use the screen for the satnav

    if you were looking to use the gps of your pda/phone i found this useful software GPSgate (not sure if its been said on this forum already?)

    also, a remote desktop app, or some kind of remote control app should allow you to view your pda screen via a pc screen.

    i can't see anyway of doing it without a computer tho, apart from a large magnifying glass

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