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Thread: GPS laptop software - user friendly for non-compu geek

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    Hm.... reviews are mixed on that one.

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    I have ben useing navigator software on my laptop a compaq m700 with a usb gps unit and find it very easy to use more can be found at
    This works for me very well in the uk as my laptop is only a p3 is also very fast
    I know there is nRoute for Canada there must be some thing for the US

    Try giving them a call as they mybe able to help you out
    update I think this will help you out there copilot 10 laptop cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by atomic punk View Post
    Hm.... reviews are mixed on that one.
    I agree with the reviews saying that the unit is not the nicest looking one. But the basic functionality is there (as users of iGuidance may confirm). It's a simple to use unit. No much learning required. I don’t agree with the first reviewer saying the display is dark. The opposite is true. The display is readable even in the brightest sunlight. Currently it comes with Q3-2005 Navteq map data, which is just fine.

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    Yeah for retired parents I'd go for an all in one unit: either the TomTom One or Garmin Nuvi 350

    I've used the TomTom Software on a PPC (both 2 and 5 USA) and it's by far the easiest, clear software I have ever used. The new garmin I've never used but it looks smooth and has been getting stellar reviews. If you must use a notebook iGuidance is probably the easiest solution. Paired with MS Streets as a street map only you can't go wrong.

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