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Thread: Finding and Adding Maps to Centrafuse?

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    Finding and Adding Maps to Centrafuse?

    Does anyone know how to add maps to centrafuse XLE_RC4.4 (the newest beta) and where to get said maps? I registered the "demo download" by getting a serial # from their website and havent been able to figure out the navigation at all. It only shows the map of New York City and I havent been able to figure out if you even can add more maps, let alone where to get them. I've been looking everywhere but havent been able to find anything. Also, what type of GPS reciever do I need to have it run. I bought streets and trips with the included GPS reciever and so far havent been able to get that working with the centrafuse software. It works well with streets and trips though. Thanks for any help.

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    same problem here.

    i have XLE and NO maps except New York.



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