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Thread: GPS Software for the UK

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    GPS Software for the UK


    After previously having a car computer and then selling it as I couldn't be bothered to fit it in my new car I've decided to do it all again, as I realised what I was missing....

    So....I'm looking for some good GPS software for the UK but can only really find Navigator by InfoMap, which at 89 (about $150) I feel is a little expensive for what I need.

    I have searched before and for quite a while but I was wondering if anyone had any good sugguestions for UK GPS software


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    Have a look at mate, that may help with your quest.
    System - Epia SP13000 for Main PC, Holux GR-213 USB GPS Receiver SiRF Star III, 2.4Ghz Uplink with VNC and Custom designed USB Intelligent SDC (In DEV). All fed to a Sony CDX-F7500 Headunit via USB.

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