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Thread: garmin 35 HVS acquisition time?

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    garmin 35 HVS acquisition time?

    I just bought a garmin 35 HVS. However, the lock acquisition time is so long. I've left it on for 12 hours and it still didn't get a lock. Is this normal?

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    No, this shouldnt be normal.
    First, did you initialize it?
    Do you have a clear view of the sky?
    Are you stationary?
    How do you know that its still acquiring?

    It might take over 15 minutes to initialize the first time you turn it on. After that, it should only take under a minute. Its important that youre still and that you have a clear view of the sky when you initialize it though.

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    no, it's not normal. You have the receiver placed in a wrong position where it can't receive the sats (you don't want to put it under the roof of the car)
    try it outside your car, in front of your driveway. it should work


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