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Thread: Disable panning in Iguidance v3.01

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    Disable panning in Iguidance v3.01

    Any idea how to disable the panning in Iguidance (the UMPC version)? I use a program called StrokeIt to draw "gestures" on the touchscreen, but the gestures don't work within Iguidance because of the pan function.

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    Menu>settings>Display Options>Orientation> ?

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    maybe whatever touchscreen you're using can change drag behavior. For example, on my lilliput, a simple swipe of my finger across the screen is a "click-and-drag" function. On a touchpad of a laptop, however, a swipe across the pad is just a drag function. Can your touchscreen change to the touchpad type of behavior? If it's possible, you might be able to regain gestures.
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