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Thread: Car performance program

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShawJohn View Post

    Mine takes 13.4 to hit 100mph and only weighs 1280kg and is nice and sleek, traction off the line is a big issue though
    I am over two tons, but with AWD, getting all of that turbocharged V8 power to the ground isn't an issue When I saw 200sx, I was surprised- then I realized you arent in the US. We only got the 240sx, and our 200sx is a two doored version of the Sentra.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justin146 View Post
    if you can read ODB-2 data, as with a USB ODB port reader, you can calculate the data.

    BTW, My 0-100mph is just under 13 seconds
    This is IMHO one of the best methods for the non race car drivers :-)

    Commercial software such as Digimoto & PCMSCAN will do the calculations automatically using the OBD II data, so you do not have to keep track of the time.


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    Not a bad time for a tank

    Shame it'll just fall over when you turn a corner, mind you, not many of them in US is there

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