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Thread: Autoroute 2007 and nmea0183 device

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    Question Autoroute 2007 and nmea0183 device

    Just bought a Wintec btc-100 gps reciver/logger.
    And microsoft autoroute 2007.
    The thing is that every time i try to start autoroute and configure my gps, it tells me that its not a compliat 2.0 nmea device.
    So i start to check it out, and wintech is a nmea 0183.
    But seaching the net i find a home page that sells Autoroute2007 and Wintech btc-100 as a bundle.

    What wrong with the picture here. Anybody know how i can make these to things work together.

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    Can you post a link to that GPS unit? Does it output 4800 baud rate?


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