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Thread: iGuidance overlay help needed

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    iGuidance overlay help needed

    Ok, I have no recallection on when I somehow installed this thing,

    But at the bottom of the screen there is a Button with an arrow on it overlaying the front end...if you click on the arrow, then an entire menu bar opens up to control iGuidance.

    I must have installed it when I had 2.x running.

    I can't figure out where it is...or how to get rid of it...

    Any ideas?

    It is the bar at the bottom with the gears, and clear route, etc on it.

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    Thats part of the LSX void skin. Its a bunch of scripts written by liquid_smoke that integrated iGuidance into LSX. The files are located in the LSX skin folder under IGtools or something like that. Hope this helps! I personally like that bar and wish i could use it with other skins!
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    I used to like it...but it isn't needed any more...

    Besides, it ruins the look of the doesn't match.

    It must be from before iGuidance was integrated.

    Thanks, I will see if I can figure out where it is.

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