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Thread: GPS Removal or Standby

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    God I'm glad I don't live over there. Our lot are bad enough!

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    safety issues? You need to disable your GPS due issues?
    Man, you gotta post to tell us what they caught you doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DodgeCummins View Post
    Wrap your car in, wheels and all...that is the only way to stop the radio waves.
    Your head also , they are trying to hack into your brain with alien technology developed in area 51

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinlekiller View Post
    Your head also , they are trying to hack into your brain with alien technology developed in area 51
    That's why my brain uses secure VPN's on a wired neural network.
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    Are you suggesting your car is "LoJack"ed?
    Would that be the theft-recovery system?

    That snit's buried in the dash some where so you can't find/disable it...
    It's like OnStar. It's integrated into the car. You'll pay hell trying to get it gone. If you succeed, the car will probably not run at all...
    ATi RS485 AMD S939 Venice 2GHz (Yes, I had a A64 in my car!)

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