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Thread: streets and trips 2007 on slow cpu

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    streets and trips 2007 on slow cpu

    I have a slow 500 MHz Celeron, and in some situations at
    certain zoom factor, ST&T 2007 could not finish drawing
    a screen before it is wiped for a new update. Since the
    car symbol is apparently drawn last, sometimes for a long
    period of time I would see a moving and changing map with
    no sign where I am on the map, as the car symbol never had
    a chance of getting drawn. It would be great if the car symbol
    is drawn first. Is there any way to slow down the GPS update
    rate from 1 Hz to say 0.5 Hz?

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    I don't know of a way to slow down the refresh rate (most people try to increase the refresh speed :-)

    The options remaining include (but you know this well without me telling you):

    1.) change the zoom level,

    2.) or get newer hardware :-)

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