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Thread: RR and iGuidance, ignative not working

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    RR and iGuidance, ignative not working

    iguidance 3.0 runs fine embedded in RR when I have ignative=false. If I set it to true then IG opens but then disappears. Nothing I do after that will make it show up. Any idea what I did wrong?

    Another quick question. There are various setting available from the IG window menu that I can't seem to get at any other way. If IG is running by itself you can push "f" to toggle the menu on and off but when IG is embedded in RR the toggle doesn't work. Is there any way to either make the toggle work or get access to those functions some other way (like are they burried in the button menu and I just haven't found them)?

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    In your skin file is there a Clip region? When running native, you should remove clip region.

    Check the iGnative thread for detail on that. The problem you have is that RR clip out the embeded region and you see nothing but the desktop.

    Clip region in general has the same coordinate/width/height as the application region.
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    Ahh sweet. That was the other thing I was going to look into today...Find out what that clipping region does. hehe. You answered it before I asked. Yeah, the skin I build has a clip region the same size and position of the application. I'll remove that and see if it helps. Thanks so much.

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