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Thread: MTK Gps & Streets & Trips?

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    MTK Gps & Streets & Trips?

    So I got a GPS reciver with the MTK chipset. Supposedly it is better than the SiRf Star III chipset, but I cant get it to work with streets & trips 2007. It came with a little gps viewer app and the drivers and using that little app I can see the satellites and my lat/long/etc. It seems to work well as it locked to 11 satellites both inside my car driving around on my laptop and in the front room of my house.

    Anyways Streets and Trips says it is getting data from the reciever but it isnt NMEA 2.0 (the box for the GPS said it was NMEA 3.0) so I dont know if there is a way to make streets & trips use 3.0 or turn the reciever to 2.0 or what.

    Also the GPS test app seems to only work when in 9600 baud mode and streets and trips is trying 4800 baud, any way to change that?

    This is the GPS unit I got --
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    Yes, the baud rate is the problem. S&T needs 4800. It will not work with any other baud rate. However, GPS Gate software will help you with this issue.

    (Check S&T Tips & Tricks, tip # 26 titled: "Solution for GPS receivers not supporting 4,800 baud rate")

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