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Thread: Searching a GPS/GPRS hardware

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    Lightbulb Searching a GPS/GPRS hardware

    Hello all,
    I have a project consisting of building a gps tracker of a set of vehicles, the concept is that i should install a small component (maybe a stick...) any thing that can be hidden and plugged into the car battery to work lifetime.
    That stick should get the GPS position of the car and send it over GPRS to a server (using HTTP request, web service, client/server socket ....) in the way we can trace any car sending its position to the server.
    And after that comes Goops for the client side to offer the good view on google earth.
    Any one can help me out there ? i need that component, you know where can i get it ?
    Thanks to all.

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    im planing on using Microsoft S&T
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    any helper ?

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    There is device here:

    Click here

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    Take a look at PC Navigator, it is a satnav program that has an intergted vehicle tracking system, provided that you use there hardware box, which i believe is reasonably priced:

    heres the link:
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