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Thread: Poll: Which GPS and software package do you use?

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    does anyone have copilot or destinator that i could "borrow"??

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    Garmin Etrex, w98+Fugawi and Linux RH7.2+Gpsdrive

    Not really on a carputer, only laptop for now. Both works quite well.

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    Delou USB GPS / GPSS/ happy sofar in that I know it works now.

    Will be looking for some more detailed UK gps software later.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Serial GPS Receiver and Map & Guide 's Travelbook with Germany city card- soon also Europe City card.
    actually not installed on carpc(have to build a PS2 Adaptor for power) but runs good on Notebook .

    Map&Guide & M&G's Travelbook are very good Software but the cards aren't really cheap !

    - Map and guide provides multiple cards for
    european countrys and also a USA City card and a World card (poor)
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    Re: Destinator

    Originally posted by holden_frost
    Can you say more about Destinator? Like does it accept NMEA sentences? If it does, I'm sold. I looked for it on the web, but could only find the version that goes on the iPaq--which may also explain why it seems to suit small displays...
    No there website is way out of date, I already flamed them for not updating it ages ago. It is available for standard Windows Pc's. However, only in Europe. The US version is PDA only.

    Oh, it does also support ANY NMEA reciever in some versions of the software, but my copy doesnt.
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