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This thred should help... Release - MC2.0 Skin


PS The remote 'guest viewers' off function would be cool... imagine your wifes tracking you and you dont want her to see where your going but you still want you to be able to review the tracking detail rather than switching off.

PPS - When you have PPC version shout me - happy to test.
I'll check that out when I add the FreeDrive stuff into the rewrite.

Hehe, to your PS.

We were going to do a PPC client but ended up not adding that into the agenda due to lack of time. I'd really like to get it onto as many platforms as possible eventually. I don't have a PPC or GPS receiver for one to create it either so I don't know if that one is going to happen any time soon.

I checked out that video you suggested for the messaging. That is pretty much what I planned on doing although I hadn't thought about being able to select multiple pre-created messages.

Oh, so much to do, so little time.... It really sucks when half of my team won't do jack on the project. Plus the fact that none of them have very much experiance doing anything like this. *sigh*