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Thread: *Available for Preorder* Fusion Brain USB I/O board

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    *Available for Preorder* Fusion Brain USB I/O board

    Preorder Available Now! Hurry before they are gone:


    I have good news and bad news.

    The bad news:

    The people in China have had delays associated with getting the sensors to their factory. Our estimated ship date is now June 14th.

    The good news:

    To make up for the delay, we are including a free volume control with every preorder. This includes future preorders, so if you haven't ordered, go ahead and you will still get the free volume control.

    of course, if you wish, we can refund you preorder. again, we are sorry about the delay, but it is something out of our control. We are including the volume control as a means of making up for it. we apologize for any inconvenience.

    Smaller than an iPod or laptop hard drive, the Fusion Brain is in a league of its own. Measuring at 3” x 3”, it is fully equipped with 12 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and 10 analog inputs; it is geared towards sensing and controlling many devices. The Fusion Brain is fitted with headers to allow for connection of modular relay boards, expanding the range of applications while maintaining ease of installation and use.

    Typical applications include hydraulic/suspension control, HVAC/climate control and interior/exterior lighting control. Additionally, the Fusion Brain can be configured with several sensors to monitor engine temperatures, mass air flow, throttle position, vacuum pressure, ambient light, ambient temperature and triple axis acceleration.

    Additional key features of the Fusion Brain include:
    • 0 mA draw from USB bus – device is completely externally powered to isolate noise and interference
    • 300mA@12vDC current sourcing per channel of Digital Output – enough to directly drive most relays
    • 10-bit ADC conversion ensures accuracy to .005vDC

    Development Tool Support
    A skinnable application is provided for control and configuration of the Fusion Brain.

    3-axis Accelerometer
    Light Sensor
    Temperature Sensor (-10C to +125C)
    50 amp Current Sensor

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    And just so everyone knows, we expect to ship at the end of May to very beginning of June. Around May 31st.
    Fusion Brain Version 6 Released!
    1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
    Buy now in the Store

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    My preorder is in!!!
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    Very, very cool guys.

    I know I want one and will order one at some point....

    It's products like this that are going to take this hobby to the next level...

    Congrats & kudos to everyone involved.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Ordered 2, thanks for the update guys
    Tennessee Vols Fan

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    How much would postage be to the UK please?


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    My order is in, but the site wouldn't let me order the 2 pin extensions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GizmoQ View Post
    My order is in, but the site wouldn't let me order the 2 pin extensions.

    Email us if you want some.


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