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Thread: HDTV Over the Air for your CarPC!!

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    Reply to HDTV over Air for youre car pc

    Whell i Dont have a usb tv tuner I have a usb analog crap hauppauge witch does not work worth crap but i do have a tv tuner in my big machine and know exactly what youre talking about resources the hauppauge software eats memmory and has a memmory leak and i left it on all night so i could watch tv and read the cnn news ticker on the bottom then run it into vcr with the tvview external scan vga to composite box then watch on my tv in my room threw the vcr .
    anyway you should download descaler
    it is great you can strech normal tv to fullscreen even if its letterbox you can set its resoultion to match windows!!!! i always use 1400x1050 on my laptop and sometimes on big machine.. anyway goto settings advanced aspect ration and screw around w the x and y zoom factor this will make a 16:9 letterbox fill the screen if you adjust it correctly!!!!!! it dont lose any info either it just streches it like on a expensive big tv!! also descaler doesnt eat memmory and wont lock up ever unless you really screw it up by screwing w to many controls or switching from hauppauge or youre pinical software and back you know how you have to reboot if tv tuner gets stuck..

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    DVB-T in car

    If you really like to see digital TV in your car whlie driving (I assume, for law, you are on back seat ), then you should look for tuner, that has word "diversity" somewhere in description. This means, that the tuner has actually 2 tuners inside and it has 2 antenna connections like on the above picture from user "blk02si". You should connect both antennas and point them to different directions.
    This is needed for good reception, tuner measures signals from both antennas and decides which is best to show you.
    I've seen USB diversity tuners, that have one internal antenna and second you can put on roof or wherever. Also some computer connected tuners have capability to show one tv-programme and record another on same time, but with tihis function you loose diversity function.

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    I just picked up a windshield mount VHF / UHF powered antenna. Pretty slick unit, I will post pictures and results when I get it installed.

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    HDTV Over the Air for your Car

    I just got a tv tuner from its a airlink.
    it has remote and runs off of 12V DV
    and I hooked it to a 4 inch b/w tv then hooked it to the RF modulator I STOLE from a Zenith box so i can use video and audio in on ch3 was using for Atari keychain. that got boring then power in apt went off and i needed a 3v supply for old white led flashlight it turns out inside on some service pins there is 3v so i duct taped a alarm battery
    ontop of tv now if i STOP in car it loads up tv signals if you havent used youre 2nd coupon call 1?? dtv and request youre 2nd coupon even if it expired they will allow you to get a new one! you can get up to 2 per address per socail secruity # .. I got the whole box FREE including a small white 2 inch antenna witch dosent work as good as bow tie clamped onto original b/w tv rod antenna this works great and now b/w tv is remote control w volume and mute plus telesnaps see threw clear backround!.
    its cool.
    I think there is tv antennas for boats that allow you to recive DSS signals anywhere even when moving but they cost $300 I would look into what the Limo's are using.. they probably already know what works best.. I would think a usb digital tv tuner would work exactly the same as a tuner box as far as reception.. My dad says it tries to lock onto multiple reflections of same stream and cant decide witch signal to lock onto thats why you get ghosts on normal tv and it locks up I wish it was a analog signal converted to digital that way it would always come in but would be way longer delay no sutch luck convinceing whole country to change now..

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