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Thread: Possible Radio card for $2.00?

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    Possible Radio card for $2.00?

    Anyone think this might be adaptable for use in our computers as a radio tuner? Looks like it would only need a control interface to make it usable.

    For $2.00 its worth a try.

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    Good find. Just bought 5 of them to play with. Doesn't look like it would be too hard to get it to work because there are not much custom IC's (unless they are on the bottom side). As long as I can find out what turner it is and can find the data sheet, it will be great. Will report back once I get it.


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    Any update?
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    I got the cards but were too busy to play with it. First look at it was not a good sign. There are several Daewoo chips I can't find the spec on them. However, there is a connector with labels for every pin. Maybe I just need to find the power pins to power it up and see there is anything comes out. For $2.00 a piece, I can blow a few of them up without worry.

    Without the piece that this card plug into, it's going to be hard to figure out how to control it digitally. There is just no information I can find about this daughter card from the internet.


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