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Thread: Wiring two motherboard power switches

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    Wiring two motherboard power switches

    I'm trying to search for how this can be done, but I am getting nowhere. I have a DSATX and I want to use its turn-on capabilities, but I also want a secondary push button up front for powering up when the car's off, testing, or hard booting on lockups. I am thinking running two sets of wire in parallel will not work correctly. I haven't tried this yet, but something about it tells me it won't work.

    So, I'm trying to figure out what I'd need. I was thinking just two pairs of diodes to keep the current flowing in only one direction and never back into the other switch. I'm not sure though if this is what I'd need, or what size diodes I'd need and which way to wire them (most likely positive pin allows current up to the switch and negative pin has current allowed down to the motherboard?... same true for dsatx?)

    Any help? Thanks.

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    Wiring 2 normally open push buttons in parallel would work just fine. No diodes needed since the buttons just short the 2 pins they are connected to on the motherboard anyway.
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    Eh... I'll give it a try then. I don't know if it was something I read or did in the past that led me to believe that it wouldn't work, but I suppose it's worth a shot. I'll give it a go once I make the wires. Thanks.

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    what he said is right, theres no reason you'd need diodes anywhere for this idea

    Parallel is fine, there isnt really any more power added anywhere else in the system, so it isnt anything to be concerned about

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