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Thread: suggestion for retracting screen controller?

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    suggestion for retracting screen controller?

    im planning to create a retracting monitor on my dash...

    but i can't think of a way to create a controller for it...
    i want it to detect that the pc power is on and open up the dash, then when it detects that it is off, then retract itself...

    what im planning is to get a power antenna relay to do the job.. but there must be a better way of doing this...

    you guys have any suggestions?

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    these things already exist as motorised screens. might be the better approach rather than reinventing the wheel, but if you do wish to, then it's an interesting project

    you could look existing retracting screen designs for ideas, or perhaps cdrom mechanisms can help?

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    my bad.. i think i worded it wrong...

    it's not that i want to create a motorized in-dash monitor...

    i want to fabricate my dash like the oem rx-8 navi system wherein top part of the dash opens up to reveal the monitor... that was what i meant...

    i know someone else has programmed a PIC controller in here, but as of now, i have no experience in programming PIC yet, so i want to work off with something that's already premade..


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