Hi all,
I have a problem with my recently purchased xm direct. Everything works perfect when I test it using windows and a demo of street deck. The problem is when I use it on my car pc setup running linux. I am using xmpcr2, and it works great, except that occasionally when I launch the app I get no response from the radio. No Matter what I try, the radio is unresponsive.

Hooking the usb line back up to my windows pc and launching street deck clears the problem, and I can then hook it back up to my carpc, and it works fine (for a while).

So it seems that there is some 'reset' code street deck is using that is not part of the xmpcr code.

I'm hoping someone here can point me to a technical spec for this thing. I really don't want to try sniffing the com line to find what street deck is doing different.