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Thread: CAR-X in e46

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    CAR-X in e46

    Hi chaps... (Don't know if anyone will know)

    I am looking at the idea to install CAR-X into my E46.

    I have a factory screen (with CD built into it (which is what people say to hack into_)) and want to ideally keep it so I can play a CD aswell as install CAR-X..

    Also, I want to keep on using the oem bluetooth and satnav

    Is this possable? (I have TV in motion if that makes a diffrence)

    Thanks in advance



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    Attaching to the TV in Motion input is pretty much your only choice. Any way to interface a PC to the OEM nav display is not great, quality-wise. I looked in to it for my E46, but it seems the better solution is to pretty much gut the factory system and sell it as parts (you can get a few hundred for the Bluetooth parts, those are an expensive retrofit) and use a Lilliput in one of the bezels this site sells. I just have the Business CD unit, but would have upgraded to the Nav if I could have interfaced it better.
    I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

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